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Practical information

When?: see agenda

Investements: 8 weeks, 120 min. 60 min. Mindfulness + 60 min. life coaching


group workoutsin Studio da Vasco

at 17:00 - 19:00 uur incl. entry and exit

individual trainingBeeBuroBraak in consultation


group training €793.50

individual training €991.50

*Stadspas holders receive financial support from Mindful Class. Please take Contact on for more information.

The rates incl. VAT and including a Mindfulness workbook, pencil case with notebook and writing, audio material of all exercises, extra practice material, drinks and a healthy snack.

The financial investment should not be a barrier to starting the training.Contact on about the possibilities.


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for adults

I always put myself on the 2nd place and never get around to the things that are also important to me.

Welcome to the most powerful training to grow as a human being. The first step has been taken, because you started looking for ways to feel happier. From now on you will invest in yourself, in your future and that of your loved ones.


You probably find it hard to put yourself first. Do you take too little time and space for yourself? Or do you think you're not worth it? Check with yourself, what negative beliefs do you have about yourself and life?


Whatever these beliefs may be, they are not true! These are all thoughts that you or someone else has come up with. You are not your thoughts. Unfortunately, we often think differently and therefore fail ourselves and the people around us unnecessarily. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT!


In the Mindful Class you learn to pay attention to theNOW. You learn to listen to your body and break the vicious circle of awareness. Pain and suffering are not the same. You learn that you don't have to suffer, despite the pain you experience.

At Mindful Class you receive mindful life coaching. That is a special combination of Mindfulness and life coaching. We will practice 8 weeks and you will receive personal guidance. You can immediately apply what you have learned in practice and will soon notice the change. 

"The time for change is always NOW!" 

Content of the training

The training based on the 8-week Mindfulness MBSR training.Every week there is a different theme for the attention training. The content of the life coaching is partly tailored to personal 

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