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for children
from 4-8 years


How can you learn to write the letter F when you are angry with your friends or teacher?

For your child, the world is still a great journey of discovery. It is naturally curious, inquisitive and eager to learn. In the social interaction with other children in the classroom, your child gets all kinds of feelings that he or she still has to learn to deal with. Quarrel, shame, misunderstanding, friendship, power relations and so on. Where do all those feelings go?

In preschool and primary school, children learn all kinds of different skills, but with the development of attention and concentration is hardly stopped.

So many (new) impressions and stimuli make it difficult to stay focused. The attention goes in all directions. The child has difficulty concentrating on one thing. Whether it's the language or maths lesson or your own emotions and thoughts. As a result, the lesson is quickly forgotten. Self-confidence decreases because it does not allow or understand feelings. And that in turn affects learning performance.

In the Mindful Class, your child learns to pay attention to the NOW. Now it's time to play, now I am doing math, now I feel sad, now I am thinking about nothing at all, now I am enjoying my sandwich. This is how your child learns 100% at to focus on 1 activity at a time.

We will practice for 8 weeks. Your child can immediately apply what he has learned in practice and he will soon notice the change. He/she becomes more resilient and gets more confidence. And will therefore feel better and therefore perform better.

"First learn the A of breathing and then the A of the alphabet."

Content of the training

De training is based on the 8 Week Mindfulness; the method Attention works! By Eline Snel. This one is a rightly an MBSR for kids. Every week there is a different theme for the attention training. The content of the competency trainingcompletely agree with that.

Mindful Class for children: Mindfulness and competence/resilience training


Practical information

When:see agenda

Investments: 8 weeks, 90 min. at a time: 45 min. Mindfulness + 45 min. competence training

Where and for how long?:

group training @Studio da Vasco

2 hours incl. entry and exit in consultation


group training € 463,-

individual training € 573,-

The rates are incl. VAT and include a Mindfulness workbook, case with notebook and writing, audio material of all exercises, extra practice material, drinks and a healthy snack.

The financial investment should not be a barrier to starting the training. Please take Contact about the possibilities.


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