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for young people of

from 14 years

I need to get good grades but feel so tired and disappoint everyone.

Your child has a great future ahead. The world is at her or his feet. But more and more young people suffer from burnout, choice and study stress and the urge to achieve. That is not surprising with so much offer in training and all to demand and expectations that society and perhaps also you as a parent impose.


In addition, your adolescent also has to deal with the friends in his / her area. They can one positive, but also one negative influence have on your child life. Is resilient enough for our society? Does he suffer from stomach aches or headaches before a test? Does your child experience life as tough? Can bother your child with his feelings to go and/or talk about it?


At Mindful Class, your child receives attention and guidance aimed at both personal development and cognitive development. Mindful Class teaches you to be fully present in the here and now. It gets handles

to become aware of the feelings and thoughts it has and learns to deal with them.


This causes again self-understandingbetter concentrationmore confidence, improving memory, being able to understand and name thoughts and emotions. Your young adult is going through that to feel better and thus perform better. This allows him/her to enjoy the student days and you can enjoy your child again.

"From the head into the body." 



Practical information

When?: see agenda

Expensive:10 weeks, 120 minutes at a time: 60 min. Mindfulness + 60 min. homework help

Where and for how long?:

group trainings Studio da Vasco

120 minutes incl. entry and exit

individual training Buro Braak in consultation


group training € 683,-

individual training € 773,-

*Stadspas holders receive financial support from Mindful Class. Please take Contact on for more information.


The rates are exclusive of VAT and include a Mindfulness workbook, case with notebook and writing, audio material of all exercises, extra practice material, drinks and a healthy snack.

The financial investment should not be a barrier to starting the training. Please take Contact on about the possibilities.


Thank you! Your message has been received.

Content of the training

De training is based on the 10-week Mindfulness method: Attention works! By Eline Snell an MBSR trainingThe content of the homework guidance is completed in consultation. A general test can be taken to jointly determine the starting point.

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