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MINDFUL CLASS for pupils and students:

Mindfulness and citizenship education

If you give a student a small rebuke, you immediately get a big mouth in return. Or a student starts yelling at you and slams the door with a lot of noise. Recognizable? The student may even be so irritable and agitated that he throws a tantrum.

Intense, unexpected emotional reactions can quickly lead to escalation of a situation, or conflicts with a teacher or the class. In such cases it is PEACE very important. At Mindful Class, teachers and students learn how this situation comes about and what can be done to prevent these situations. At Mindful Class, your students learn to find the peace within themselves that automatically finds its way out from the inside. In the classroom and in the school.

powerful remedy to bring about change is to bring colleagues or experts from outside the school into the school for coaching or guidance. The role of the school management is also very important, especially of educational leadership. Educational leadership has the following characteristics: a focus on good learning performance of the students, stimulating teachers in decision-making and aligning school objectives with individual or group objectives. 


Mindful citizenship consists of a 10-week training in which 50 minutes of mindfulness training are given and immediately afterwards 50 minutes of citizenship education. This combination ensures beautiful developments both inside and outside the body.

After following the 10-week training you have learned, among other things:

  • how to be more aware of how you feel

  • how to notice that you are distracted and how to bring your attention back

  • what the power of visualization is and how you can apply it

  • about the 4 dialogue competences and how to develop

  • how much influence your thoughts have on your life and how you can control them



FOR students and teachers

MINDFUL CLASS for education professionals: Mindfulness and intercultural skills

As a teacher/lecturer You will have to deal with differences in the classroom in your work. Both cognitively and socially and personally. All these differences require a professional teacher who is aware of his role.

This teacher has sufficient and complete knowledge regarding the target group. This teacher is also in possession of intercultural conversation techniques and cultural communication skills. But the most important thing is that this teacher is open for development.


good contact between teacher and student asks to a good investment. How do you build up as personal a contact as possible with students? To what extent does the wide variety of pupils  backgrounds require a different way of making contact with children?

This training is not regular communication or skills training. But an awareness training that primarily involves genuine interest. Genuine interest in yourself and in your students.From THIS interest and open attitude we go into more depth. In the end its about culturalism or culturalizing. That is seeing and addressing people as representatives of their national or ethnic culture or religion, and explaining their thinking and acting from the perspective of this culture or religion.


During the training we discuss the risks and benefits of a culturalizing approach. Due to the complexity of communication, you are usually not prepared for differences and misunderstandings in conversation. The risk is that you will blame the other person or yourself if things go wrong. This is at the expense of the relationthe atmosphere and performance. At Mindful Class you work on the relationship with yourself as well as that of your colleagues and students.

After following the 8-week training you have learned, among other things:

  • how you can find peace at any time in all the hustle and bustle

  • how to use the (cultural) helicopter perspective

  • how the cultural iceberg of hidden meanings works

  • which background information you need from students and how to interpret their responses

MINDFUL CLASS for Education Professionals: Intercultural Skills


Practical information

Who: education professionals

When: see agenda or take Contact for the possibilities

Investment: 8 weeks 1x p.w 100 minutes at a time

50 min. Mindfulness + 50 min. intercultural skills

Where: both possible on site and Studio da Vasco

Prices: depending on group size, request a quote without obligation

*masterclasses and workshop on request



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Mindful Class for
pupils and students:

Mindfulness and citizenship education


Practical information

Who: pupils and students from primary, secondary and vocational education (minimum 8 participants)

When: take Contact up for the possibilities

Duration of the training: 8 weeks 1x minutes

50 min. Mindfulness + 50 min. citizenship education

Duration VO/MBO/HBO:10 weeks 1x p.w 110 min.per time

55 min. Mindfulness + 55 min. citizenship education

Where: both possible on site and studio da Vasco

Rates:;depending on group size and educational institution, request a quote without obligation



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The content of the training

The training for teachers and educators is based on the 8-week Mindfulness MBSR training.

The training for students and students is based on 8 or 10 weeks Mindfulness Training method: Attention works! By Eline Snell.

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