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for children of
8-13 years

How do you get your homework done when you also have a soccer practice?

Having to do homework at home after sitting still all day at school is not easy. Especially when there is still so much you can or should do. Watching YouTube videos, texting with friends, going into town, a football training...


At Mindful Class, your child learns to be fully present at the place and situation in which he/she is NOW. It is given tools to become aware of the feelings and thoughts it has and learns to deal with them. That leads to one better self-understandinghigher ability to concentratemore confidence understanding of own thoughts and emotions. Your child will feel better as a result, can remember things better and will therefore better to go to perform.


At Mindful Class, your child first receives Mindfulness. and then tutors. Proven by this efficient & combination the body and the mind are in one optimal state of mind in order to be able to learn and work productively and effectively.

"You can learn to concentrate."


Practical information

When?: see agenda

Investment: 8 weeks, 110 min. at a time: 50 min. Mindfulness + 60 min. tutoring

Where and for how long?:

group trainings Studio da Vasco

2 hours incl. entry and exit

individual training Buro Braak in consultation


group training € 593,-

individual training € 683,-

*Stadspas holders receive financial support from Mindful Class. Please take Contact on for more information.


The rates are incl. VAT and include a Mindfulness workbook, case with notebook and writing, audio material of all exercises, extra practice material, drinks and a healthy snack.

The financial investment should not be a barrier to starting the training. Please take Contact about the possibilities.


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Content of the training

De training is based on the 8 Week Mindfulness method: Attention works! By Eline Snell. This is an MBSR MInsdfulness based stress reductionThe content of the tutoring is completed in consultation. A general test can be taken to jointly determine the starting point.

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