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My name is Fatima Boutaka, I am an energetic, creative mind who has managed to combine her passion for teaching and Mindfulness in a special way. I am a passionate teacher in special primary education at SBO de Kans and teacher and lecturer/ambassador for Super Chill Foundation. In addition, I am also a Mindfulness trainer affiliated with the international Mindfulness Teaching Academy (AMT). As a teacher I already thought outside the box, as a Mindfulness trainer that became part of my profession.


In recent years I felt more and more obliged to mean something to society. This also resulted in a special mission, namely to do something against social inequality. Mainly in the field of inequality in education and ethnic profiling. I was (dedicated) fully committed to making a positive contribution to our society and the world. My commitment included attending meetings and following training courses and workshops related to the above topics. By studying many studies on the above topics and linking theory to practice, I have been able to develop myself into a professional teacher, guest speaker, Mindfulness trainer and intercultural coach who is equipped with a lot of didactic knowledge, intercultural conversation techniques and cultural people knowledge. 

I provide Mindfulness training in regular primary education and special primary education, in special primary education for gifted children. I am very grateful for this work because I see the impact it has on both me and the children. And all other organizations.

In addition to teaching, I also worked at De Nederlandse Bank (DNB) in the Facilities department. After working at DNB for 14.5 years, I decided to cancel my permanent contract. In addition to my voluntary work and my participation in the action group: Wit Aan Zet, I wanted to mean more for society and in particular education. Since last year I have been working for the municipality of Amsterdam and I am a member of the Amsterdam Teachers Council that will shape the teacher policy for the teachers of the municipality of Amsterdam.

Motivating people and helping them further is my passion outside of teaching. One of my qualities is flexibility. I quickly adapt to a new situation and people of different ages. This also applies to guiding students with different levels and backgrounds. Another quality is my communication skills. With my education and years of experience, I am well equipped to apply communicative conversation techniques.

Because of my background and multicultural circle of friends, I can better respond to people's needs and wishes. Through the Mindfulness training and Mindfulness courses that I also completed, and a study in intercultural couching, i have found peace in my busy life. I live my ideal life and am very grateful for everyone I can and may help in any form. I wish this to everyone, how beautiful would the world be if we all lived a meaningful life? Mindful Class was born from all the experiences and success in my life and the impact on the lives of others.

Mindful Class stands for personalized guidance. You will receive personal attention and guidance that matches your development and stage of life.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and contribute to this beautiful city in which we can live happily?

"No time does not exist, only priority"

Photo: Jorgen Caris



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