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Tutoring and homework support for children and young people

Does your child suffer from low self-esteem, falling behind in school or struggling with learning? Does he show busy behavior and is he/she easily distracted?

Where your attention goes automatically takes charge. Your brain is not able to consciously do two things at the same time. Only when you are actually presen in the moment, can you actually save what you learn and apply it where necessary. So it makes little sense to do homework or study for an exam without paying full attention to the lesson.

Tutoring or homework help can help your child get better at school subjects. Mindful Class combines this with competence training, tutoring or homework guidance and is fully tailored to your (young) child or adolescent. The training teaches your child to concentrate with 100% attention on the things it is doing. This not only helps him/her to perform better, but also to enjoy daily life, to name and admit feelings without judging.

Mindful Class focuses on cognitive as well as personal and social skills. That makes us special and different compared to regular homework support and tutoring.

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